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This post is the first in a series of posts that highlight spots you may not know about in the San Francisco Bay Area, the nightlife. We follow the most popular places to enjoy a fine cigar in Los Angeles, from the old and new, to some of the newer additions. This list does not include restaurants and bars, although some of the hip places that have recently opened have an ambience that suits their mood. The SFV has always been plagued by hole-in-wall joints, but what about those with a bit more twist?

Anejo Cantina & Grill brings a modern, upscale touch to a classic Mexican favorite, and while the portions are generous, the prices are reasonable. If you are familiar with one of the three Mercado restaurants, you will know that the seafood is Mexican, but the other concept is a much more upscale version of a traditional Mexican restaurant with a little more upscale flair.

The popular Gastropub in the Valley has been in Sherman Oaks since it opened in 2014 and more recently in Woodland Hills. Kingfish has a long history in the Oakland neighborhood, where they have lived since the first bait shop opened in 1922.

The Happy Hour, which takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from 4 to 7 pm, is a must-have with discounted snacks and special specials. Happy Hour also offers various special events, including karaoke, lottery nights and burlesque. Auburn offers stacked cocktails and family-style dinners, but the menu includes all sizes. They also offer happy hour from 5 - 9 am, with a limited number of specials and specials available only during the day.

Local Ice is located at 12747 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, and Scratch Bar & Kitchen is located at 16101. At the back of the Strip Mall there is a bar, a barbecue bar and a large outdoor terrace as well as an outdoor bar.

In addition to 16 Southern sangria, Gus's Barbecue in Pasadena now offers a full bar with a wide selection of beers, wines and wine cocktails. The meat lovers in this restaurant sell their breast puree in various batch sizes. This sports bar is best known for its delicious noodles, but also serves some of the best beers in Los Angeles. The father's Culver City office offers a variety of cocktails, including the popular Culver's Old Fashioned and Sangria, as well as a variety of beers and wines.

The vino hours include sparkling wine from 4-7 pm and beer and cocktails from 6-10 pm, as well as a late night happy hour, which takes place at the same time every day from 7-9 pm. Feliz runs a bar with a variety of beers and wines, as well as a wide selection of cocktails. Daily Happy Hour from 5 - 8 am, with two rounds for 5 dollars and late Happy Hour nights from 9 - 11 am and 2 - 4 am.

The bar, which is traditionally decorated, offers a selection of up to four cigars at a time for $5 for the first round and $10 per round thereafter. The place I saw is also cigar friendly, with a wide selection of cigars, as well as beer, wine and cocktails.

If you're ever in Los Angeles for a weekend, make sure you check out Bru Haus, one of my favorite places in town. There's a Covell's bar near Los Feliz that I grew up with and that I had as a kid and that I moved down to, but that's not bad.

T Boyle Tavern is located in Boyle Heights, a shoe shop that serves some of the best barbecues on weekends.

The cosy lounge attracts cigar lovers who appreciate the recently installed air filtration system and a wide selection of cigars. On a beautiful evening, the sheltered terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a great place to eat and drink fine cigars. Owned by one of Los Angeles "most respected cigar makers, Havana Studios, it offers a wide range of premium cigars from some of California's best brands. Cuban cigars and worked on the establishment with a humidor and several private rooms.

With locations in Burbank and Whittier, the GuildHall is a full bar, while also providing a great place to watch the games. You have to expect the place to be full on Tuesdays when quiz nights are held, as well as on weekends and holidays.

Not far from the airport, the Fireside Lounge is a great place for locals to celebrate the holidays, where they can enjoy a full bar and excellent food and drinks. If you need a cool drink, head to some of the restaurants and bars that offer on-the-go cocktails in Los Angeles. Just try to grab one of their cocktails, or support the local bar team if you're not in the right moment.

More About Sherman Oaks

More About Sherman Oaks