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After feeling a little dull over the past decade, Studio City's Sushi Row has made a comeback, maintaining its status by assembling a growing cadre of restaurants and drinks that don't necessarily include rice and fish.

Mizlala is one of the most nondescript restaurants in LA, with its oddly shaped dining room and small kitchen. One of my biggest complaints was the crowd, but so much more - including the best damn Chick Sandwich Ya ever - has gone so well since the spot opened that my only big complaint is the crowd.

The café is decorated in European style and the entire dining room is beautifully and stylishly decorated. The airy courtyard and dining area receive plenty of natural light, while the spacious interior offers more seating. Front Yard is located in the newly renovated Garland Hotel, and it is certainly pretty.

There are also tasty appetizers, including a variety of salads and sandwiches, as well as a selection of starters and desserts. Other local offerings include homemade pastries such as homemade bread and pastries, and not to mention delicious homemade cheeses. Imagine spicy spiced mushrooms, bone-shaped toast dots or a savory salad with fresh herbs and spices.

The menu is full of stunning savoury dishes, including chorizo dishes with bacalhau (Portugal's famous cod). The portions are generous, but the prices are reasonable and there are plenty of appetizer options and a variety of desserts. Anejo Cantina & Grill brings a modern, upscale twist to a classic Mexican favorite. For example, there is a wide selection of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads, pasta and desserts, but there is more than enough for a full meal for two or three people.

The brunch menu is also quite large, and they have recently introduced a brunch menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner for $10 a day, as well as brunch and lunch specials.

The cocktail list is known for alternating with new experiments and imagining it as a mix of classic cocktails and a few new ones. You will also want to try some of the cocktails that contain homemade infusions, such as grapefruit gin and lemonade with lemon juice.

Italian ice cream comes in a range of fruity flavours such as chocolate and is ideal for lactose intolerant people. The local ice cream is also baked to satisfy a sweet tooth, with a hint of vanilla and a little chocolate on the side.

The standard list of drinks ranges from $12 to $18, although you should definitely check out the secret menu that opens up all the options for the night. The Happy Hour, which takes place every Friday and Saturday from 5 to 7 pm, is a must, with small discounts.

Of course, Moroccan fried chicken is just one of the many excellent things to try at the Eater's 38 restaurants. You'll also definitely want to save space for the sea salt chocolate chip cookies that are wedged between house ice cream.

This independent corner restaurant serves timeless Mexican-American cuisine, and you can try long tequila and mezcal options or try the habanero - anejo margarita. Local offerings include the Boost, a spicy and spicy version of the classic Mexican hot dog, as well as a selection of local beers.

Anejo Cantina & Grill is located in the heart of Sherman Oaks, just blocks from the shopping center. The restaurant is open seven days a week and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a selection of local beers and wines.

The fresh produce section offers a selection of fruits and vegetables from local producers, including lettuce from Kowalke Farms "Go Green sprouts, as well as many that are new to the Whole Foods Market. Be Wise Ranch and the bakery offer a selection of on-site breads, pastries, biscuits, cakes, muffins and more. The menu at Anejo Cantina & Grill includes beer and wine, as well as a variety of vegetables - fries, sandwiches, salads and starters.

Much of the menu is divisible here, and many items are sourced locally or even grown locally in the extended kitchen garden. They also have a very reasonably priced cocktail bar, which I definitely recommend trying, and a cooking counter opposite a bespoke wood-burning oven. Among the highlights is tempura cauliflower, whose menu has been adapted to a more modern take on the classic but still delicious taco.

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