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The San Fernando Valley may be the butt of a series of jokes in Los Angeles, but it's undeniable that the Valley is a great place to live. Of course, the city we are talking about tonight, Van Nuys, is just a freeway ride away, and the residents of that city can easily get around the city. Located in the heart of the South Bay, just north of downtown, it is also bordering San Bernardino County and the San Gabriel Valley.

The 405 freeway and the San Diego Freeway cut through the middle of the neighborhood, but the community is also home to some of Los Angeles "most popular restaurants, shops and shops. We set out to see some of Van Nuys "shops and restaurants for ourselves, as well as take a look at the city's history and culture.

Sherman Oaks has public transportation with regular express buses, but is not served by a larger rail system. Residents enjoy a wide range of shops and restaurants, as well as a large number of restaurants and bars. The neighborhood has become more commuter-friendly in recent years, offering residents access to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LAX) subway system and the red subway line, the city's public transportation system.

Take your children to learn a new sport or explore the acres of parks and playgrounds or take them along for a day of learning and learning to learn new sports. Enjoy a fun afternoon of free activities in Sherman Oaks and be sure to visit Dixie Dixie Park, a free public park in the heart of the neighborhood.

The Los Angeles Public Library operates Sherman Oaks Branch 16, also known as Sherman Oaks Martin Pollard Branch, and its Van Van Winkle Library. It has a lecture hall and multipurpose rooms and has had its own library for over 50 years. The Los Angeles Times reports that the 2000 U.S. Census counted 1,842,943 residents in Sherman Oak, including 1.5 million in the city of Sherman Hills, 1 million in the San Fernando Valley and 1 billion in Ventura County. The population is 200, but the Census Bureau says it was 300 in 2010.

In the area bordering the Santa Monica Mountains, Sherman Oaks has a lower population density than many surrounding neighborhoods and is not considered to be ethnically diverse. It is the second highest in the city of Sherman Oak, after the San Fernando Valley, but it is the lowest in many surrounding neighborhoods.

In 2010, 11% of Sherman Oaks residents were born with children, which shows that family life in the area is growing steadily.

The average rental apartment in Sherman Oaks was $1,897 in August 2017, which is in the upper range of the national average for living in the LA area. Property - Related crimes such as car theft are more common in Los Angeles County, despite being one of the safest areas in Los Angeles. The locals assure us that crime rates are above average compared to the rest of our country, but they recommend that we remain as vigilant as we would in any neighborhood.

Reasons to move to Sherman Oaks include everything you need in a community: affordable housing, good food, and great shopping. Many see this as an opportunity to find a long-term home while enjoying all the benefits of the San Fernando Valley.

Named after Gen. Moses Hazeltine Sherman, who originally owned and developed the land, Sherman Oaks has a rich history. The Sherman Oaks Galleria has the largest shopping mall in Southern California with more than 1,000 shops and restaurants. It was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, rebuilt as an open-air shopping center and treated as one of Los Angeles County's most popular shopping centers. Visit the Tuesday farmers market in town this week and support your local farmers by sipping an espresso, plate or churro at Happy Days Café.

From a rural community in Ventura County, the community has grown into an attractive and desirable Southern California town. Sherman Oaks is home to shopping, dining, entertainment and a variety of restaurants and shops. Close to the 101 and 405 freeways, this neighborhood offers access to many of the amenities of neighboring Studio City and Los Angeles County. Oak is the southernmost part of California and the second largest city in the state after San Bernardino County, California.

Sherman Oaks is creating a number of management and entertainment jobs, with nearly a quarter of homes earning more than $150k a year.

For college-age students living in Sherman Oaks, both state and private universities offer a choice. Pepperdine University is located in the nearby Encino area, while Cal State Los Angeles and the University of Southern California are just a short drive away. Both are bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains, a popular tourist destination and one of the region's top tourist attractions.

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More About Sherman Oaks