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With traffic quieter and parks and beaches closed, the neighborhood's streets become havens for bored and anxious people. In Glendale, electric box murals number about 100, but in leafy Sherman Oaks, a series of large-scale public art installations on electric boxes offers something you need to bridge the week. There are currently 17 such works of art that have turned heads, and some have contributed to the cultural identity of the city by promoting art.

In addition to the artworks, you will find information about many of the artists and what their works have to offer. Some have had a positive impact on the city's history, such as the Sherman Oaks Historical Society, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the California State University system, to name a few.

If you have a collection of artworks, an art appraisal in Sherman Oaks, CA will help you determine the value you need to insure them in the event of a fire, flood, or theft. If you are an art investor, a professional valuation can give you an idea of how much each piece of your collection or work is worth on the market.

Buying a work of art like a vase, brooch or painting at a flea market is like buying a piece of art in a local antique shop or even in an antique shop. On the other hand, you have probably heard stories of people who received unusual vases from their relatives, which they later found out cost a small fortune. If you are really lucky, something invaluable and discarded can come back to you because the previous owner (or owner) did not know its true value.

If you have a piece of art lying around in your house that you are not sure about, don't throw it away or give it away. You could well have something old and dusty at home that could be worth a considerable sum. In the example above, you probably now have a chance to see if a strange everyday item in your possession is worth anything.

Instead, get a professional art appraisal done in Sherman Oaks that will create the piece for you for a small fee to see if it's worth anything. At Leviton Fine Art we offer the opportunity to evaluate works of art in a way that you would pay for in a gallery, but in a simple way.

I # ve acquired many works of art during my travels, and I plan to continue them. I would be interested in using the worldwide art relations and trying to find works by other artists. Currently I have a collection of works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Paul Gauguin and many others. You can also find them at Modern in South Pasadena, which is interwoven with the past, as well as at other galleries in Los Angeles County.

A cluster of four ducks floats away, and Pitt put on his first watercolor on March 22. The frog, she said, is for children in Sherman Oaks because they can identify with the cute, happy animals.

Two curvy women in black bikinis walk past, holding their phones in their hands and displaying their artwork in front of Pitt's paintings. Another neighbor, Ellen Kornblum, walked past a steady clip, stopped and smiled at the ladies as they painted, and then Pitt.

We do this every day by jumbling our routes to keep our Studio City home interesting, stopping for lunch at a local restaurant and then heading home for dinner. Sometimes we get out of the car to take a cellphone photo of a painting, and sometimes we stop for a photo shoot in front of Pitt's painting.

Through this process, we have developed a great deal of our love for art, which we have been able to do extensively over the years. We believe that fine art needs fine framing and matting, and that is why we frame most of the inventory to museum specifications. Since art fits our lifestyle, we have decided to make our art available through a virtual gallery. Over time, the idea of sharing art with people who are just starting their own collection or who want to buy their first piece emerged.

We recognize that some artists also worked in the 19th century, but our intention is to acquire art that was hand-made - signed by the artist. This is because artists in our art world become famous and die, which immediately increases their value. Many of the pieces we buy today have become more expensive due to the popularity of digital media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We exclude these media, so if we offer a piece that has a plate with a signature, we can specify it in a description. The work of the artist brought him into the 20th century and his work into the 21st century.

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